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(Just Because of You)

[03 Oct 2008|05:59pm]

First post here. lol
So i just found some pretty old icons and i though why not to post them.
So enjoy. And comment if u take. ;]]

Feew Feew ;dCollapse )

(Just Because of You)

first post [05 Aug 2008|10:39pm]


Hello everyone, this is my first post here.
I really like US5, but where I come from, it's quite hard to find information. Therefore hallelujah to the internet!
Here is some of my art. Hope you like it.


it's my only icon, the rest are all wallpapers

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:D [18 Aug 2007|05:53pm]

Hello to our new members! How is everyone? In light of our recent popularity (three new members in as many days, I believe) I've taken the community off moderated membership. I hope no one minds this decision. I hope that new members means more discussion! I'll try to do my part as well, and I'll ask this question, in parting: How does everyone feel about Lou Pearlman? I hate him, personally, but I am a bit thankful for our boys. But, perhaps that was destiny? ;D

(Just Because of You)

[19 Jan 2007|05:32pm]


audrey kitching.
panic! at the disco
teddy geiger
jason earles
kate moss
tyler - the covenant
alex pettyfer

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

in the name of love.

(Just Because of You)

from richie-stringini.de [15 Jan 2007|08:53am]

The official US5 Fanclub and Richie-Stringini.de (Christopher-Stringini.com) are starting a second mission and this time also fans from abroad can attend:
Make a movie dedicated to Richie's parents Robert and Kathy and ask them to let him return!

If you don't have the opportunity you can also take a picture of yourself on which you're holding a paper in your hands with the headline: "Come back, Richie!"
Please mail everything at nicole@us5-fanstation.de
Any technical problems? Mail at chris@us5-fanstation.de (This is not Chris Watrin!)

Thank you for your support.

(Just Because of You)

One night with you [15 Jan 2007|08:48am]

on the January 12 it went out in Germany=)


1. One Night With You (Single Edition)
2. Boom (Bonustrack)
3. One Night With You (Felyx Lighter Remix)
4. One Night With You (Album Edition)
5. Making of (Video)
6. 365 Days (Video)

Track Edition

1. One Night With You (Single Edition)
2. 365 Days (Bonustrack)

365 Days video on YouTube

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{some news} [14 Jan 2007|11:18am]

The most important
From Bravo magazin: Although Richie has already suffered so much to live his dream, there is a new barrier coming up: Richie's parents Kathleen and Robert Stringini are forbidding Richie to stay in US5. These are the consequences of his many scandals, especially the one with porn model Marta. That doesn't fit in the catholic way his parents had educated him.
"US5 has corrupted him. That's not the boy we have brought up!"
Richie himself wants to stay in US5 and so he has to convince his parents.
He can't decide himself, because the 18-year-old-guy is american citizen. In USA somebody has to be at least 21 years old to make decisions without his guardians.

Last friday US5 were on VIVA live without Richie

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I think I might buy this [28 Dec 2006|10:35pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello, hello, hello. I'm new here! So, I was browing amazon.com and I came across this: http://www.amazon.com/Here-We-Go-Us5/dp/B000J4QVGE/sr=8-4/qid=1166488457/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4/103-0568439-4624653?ie=UTF8&s=music

Anywho, my question: is this like a re-release or what? I live in California so there is practically nothing about us5 over here. Can you guys fill me in?

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[27 Oct 2006|08:48am]

First and foremost I'd like to say hello to our newest members, and welcome to the community.

Second of all, I am wanting opinions, should we have more discussions? A icon contest? Let me know, the more involved the community, the better.

(Just Because of You)

[30 Aug 2006|07:21am]

So, we've had a sudden surge of popularity, and it's great. Hi, new people! How's it goin'?

As soon as I find torrents and such for Big in America I will post about him, but for now, I give you this. I realize that some of you are probably going, "Jen, yeah, it's their website. That's great." And I say, but it's in English! You probably say, "Yeah, I've seen it before." But see, I've been waiting for this, for like, years. They are in the UK, and now, they can't deny that the next logical stop is the US.

Or maybe I'm taking Jen-sized leaps of logic at this early hour. Anyway. Welcome, new people! Please; discuss, share, and love!

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[04 Jun 2006|11:28am]

Hello! It's been a long time since I've made an entry, and I apologize for that. RL has gotten in the way, and now I feel like ignoring RL, so I hope you'll help. We have some new members, don't we? Hi, new members! I'm Jen, strokeof_genie.

How are things going? How are our boys doing? How are you guys doing? Tell me things.

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Music Videos? [23 May 2006|04:03pm]

So how has everyone been? I figure this place needs to be woken up a bit. Lets start that by having a casual discussion about which music video you like best between Maria and Just Because of You. Why do you like one better than the other?

I personally enjoy Just Because of You more because I like the eerie atmosphere even though is does basically remind me of the Backstreet Boys Everybody music video. ( No downing on BSB or any other boy band please. ) It does bring its own unique flare though, especially with the zombie brea down as I call it.

(Just Because of You)

damn [08 May 2006|01:01am]

Ok, I'm sorry. Can someone please delete the second entry? The entry after this here? I did something wrong and am to stupid to do it myself. Please. And after deleting this last entry, please delete also this one here. Thank you very much. -.-

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Bravo Supershow [08 May 2006|12:47am]

Hum, I hope this community isn't as dead as it looks like, because I come with news and pictures! The news are that US 5 won the golden Bravo- Otto in the category Superband. For the people who aren't from Germany: The Bravo is a teen magazine and the Bravo- Otto is a prize given to Stars and Bands in different categories, but chosen by the fans.

And here are the pics from the red carpet:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I won't even mention how Jaichie this is.. -.-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hope you like the pics, even though they're quite small and not with the best quality. And I hope too that this com isn't dead! I wanna save it!

Love, Lea

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[23 Jan 2006|06:00pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Well, the new video came out! It's called "Come back to me baby" and here are just some screenshots I was able to do... sorry that they are so bad... I work on better one!!


Here you go..Collapse )

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Richie gay? [22 Jan 2006|11:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

(I know, we've already had this topic, but I just have to write a few things about that.)

Ok, you've prolly all heard about this thing about Richie? The toilet- picture. If not, I mean this</b> picture:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Well, this pic was taken only a few days ago on the toilett of a gay club, or a gay party or whatsoever. The guy on the pic is Richie and the person between his legs who you can't recognize is Jay. Richie said in an interview that he felt sick that night and puked twice and not only into the toilett, but also on his shirt which is why he put that off. Then he said that Jay came into the toilett and wanted to help him up and the pic was taken when Jay knelt in front of Richie or something like that to get him up from the floor.

I just sum a few things up for you which I just don't really get:

-Why didn't Richie say something just after the picture was released? He waited three days to say something. Maybe to think about a good story?

-First the management said the whole pic is a fake. Then that it's Richie in the pic, but nothing about the person between his legs. Now it came out that it's Jay.

-He never answered the question, if he is gay or not.

I seriously don't know what to think about this story... Well, ok, I know something that I just need to say here.

I always knew it.

(8 Died Inside s | Just Because of You)

[17 Jan 2006|06:58pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

I watched something on TV a hour ago and they said there are pictures of Richie making out with a boy in a toilet of a gay party or something like that... I don't saw the pictures so I don't believe it!!

But if it were just for getting attention they wouldn't say something like this cuz it's a boyband and their fans are girls and most of them don't like gay boys... so I don't see the sense and really really believe it for some reason

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[08 Jan 2006|10:19pm]

Title: "Wake Up"
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t ask, don’t sue, don’t tell
Summary: Dancing queen... (?!)
Warning: English/German
Author: me, misssamjones
Dedication: unusual_x
A/N: I hate it. It's bad. I don't like it. Gack.

Wake UpCollapse )

(9 Died Inside s | Just Because of You)

Jaichie-Picz!! [08 Jan 2006|08:26pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Exklusiv, brandneu und nur für euch wieder viele Jaichie-Picz! ;D Puuuhhh ich bin soooo derbe im Stress weil ich noch so viele Sachen erledigen will.... X____X Hier geht's zu den Bildern...Collapse )

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Icons!! [05 Jan 2006|02:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Joa also ich hab da gestern mal ein "paar" Icons erstellt und ich möchte die euch natürlich auf keinen Fall vorenthalten! ^^ Also benutzt sie ruhig, aber ein paar Regeln müssen doch noch sein, I'm sorry! ;)

1. Don't copy anything!
2. Please give me credit! (to unusual_x)
3. Enjoy!

SAY LA LA LA...Collapse )

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